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    NPrinting filters based on selected fields

    Anton Platonov



      Could anyone explain me how can I apply filters in a table chart in NPrinting app based on a 2 selected fields, so the entire table would be reduced based on that selected fields.


      Is there any way to create filters based on a specific field value in order to reduce my table chart?


      Thanks in advance

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          Ruggero Piccoli

          Hi Anton,


          Your question is not 100% clear to me.


          If you want to create a filter based on two (or more) fields value you can refer to the page Filters ‒ Qlik NPrinting. Than the creted filter can be applied to Users, Reports or Tasks.


          It is also possible to apply a filter to a QlikView object after adding it into a report template as you can see in the following picture:

          Object Filters.png

          At the moment this feature is supported only for QlikView objects. It will be supported also for Qlik Sense objects starting from next release in September 2017.


          Please let me kno if I answered to your question. If not please add some details.



          Best Regards,



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              Michael Rieskamp

              Hi Ruggero,

              We have a similiar problem (NPrinting 17.3).

              On base of a variable we tried to define a condition for a dimension in a QV-table. QV works fine but the resulting report in NPrinting for this table object don´t notice this condition. For the report the condition is always false (the column was not created).


              Is this feature not yet implemented?

              Thanks in advance

              Best Regards


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                  Ruggero Piccoli



                  The problem is not completely clear to me, in any case in Qlik NPrinting 16 it was possible to use a filter to set the value of a QlikView variable. In Qlik NPrinting 17 this is not yet implemented, so you cannot set the value of QlikView variable from NP.


                  Another idea, if you insert in the report template the object tag (something like <CH123>) it will be replaced with the QlikView object at the moment of the report generation, so it cloud resolve.


                  I hope this helps, in case, please add some details and I'll try to help you :-)


                  Best Regards,