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    Stopping the QV Server Service and its effects

    Aarohi Patel

      Hello everyone,


      I am planning to make the following changes for setting up the License Analyzer QV(screenshot).

      When I stop the QV Server service for a few seconds, does it affect the users? Do I have to notify the users to save their changes (like bookmarks, etc) before I stop the service?

      Are there any other points I have to be aware of before stopping the service and  making config changes ? Please provide your inputs.


      Thank You!


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          Jason Klingler

          Hi Aarohi,


          Every time you stop the QVS, all your users will be disconnected, so I recommend asking them to close their browsers and not re-connect until you have the QVS back up and running. Then any changes they had to objects/bookmarks/etc, will be saved.



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            Chip Matejowsky

            Hello Aarohi,

            Jason is correct in that stopping QVS will stop any active user sessions on the AccessPoint, so suggest you make the change during a scheduled server maintenance period. You can check to see if any users are active by looking in QMC > Status > QVS Statistics > QVS@ > Active Users tab before stopping the QVS service.


            I would caution that enabling the "PGO as XML' will cause a performance hit as the near constant read/write activity of the PGO files will in effect double, as the XML files will be generated. Qlik Support suggests only using the 'PGO as XML' configuration for short a duration, such as troubleshooting.


            Hope this helps,