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    Qlik Table - Change values and aggregate Data

    Chaitanya Moparthi

      Hi Team,

      I have an question which may be easy for you. Hope to you can help me. I have a table name 'CarrierCustomer'


      Carrier_ID                Customers

      ATT                              40000

      TMB                            30000 

      VZN                            50000     

      SPR                              20000   

      CRT                              10000 

      MET                              30000

      LYC                                10000

      But I want to load this table to my Qlik memory like this (here is my requirement)

      Give proper names to the short names of Carrier and also aggregate sum all the small carrier as one named as 'OTHERS'

      The loaded table on Qlik memory looks like this



      Carrier_ID                Customers

      AT and T                              40000

      T- Mobile                              30000 

      Verizon                                  50000     

      Sprint                                      20000 

      Others                                  50000

      What I have done here is

      • I have given proper names to my Carrier Short Names
      • I have aggregated (SUM)  customers of rest of the small carriers and displayed as Others (50000)


      Let me know how to implement this. Say here is my load script for orignal table.




      FROM [lib://test(qlikadmin)/CarrierCustomer.qvd]



      The help is appreciated. Thank you.