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    How to: Installation of SSL certificate into NPrinting June 2017

    Lachlan Wells

      Hi everyone,


      I've been struggling away trying to get a CA-generated SSL certificate installed in my NPrinting server. The instructions didn't make much sense to me provided on the Qlik website so I have rewritten and attached to this post to make it easier for some who don't have experience with SSL generation and installation.


      The following steps helped me:

      • Generate the OpenSSL command for a wildcard certificate
      • Generate the CSR and private key for my domain to submit to my certificate authority
      • Submit the CSR to my certificate authority Namecheap for an EssentialSSL wildcard certificate provided by Comodo
      • Download the certificate and intermediary CRT files and combine into a single PEM file
      • Copy the private key and generated PEM file into the appropriate NPrinting directories !


      Happy to help anyway I can



      Lachlan W

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          Lachlan Wells

          Just an update for the September 2017 release of NPrinting. The above instructions still apply.

          However, beware that upon upgrade from NPrinting June 2017 to NPrinting September 2017, any custom certificates are deleted.

          I recommend you copy/save these certificates and configuration files to your server before upgrade.

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              Lech Miszkiewicz

              are you sure that they are deleted after an upgrade?


              That was an issue in the past and was resolved as a BUG fix in June version. Does it mean that Bug still exist?


              TLS certificate configuration deleted after updating Jira issue ID: OP-4028

              After upgrading, Qlik NPrinting 17 custom TLS certificate settings of the NewsStand and the Web Console were reset to the default Qlik certificate and the user certificate files (.pem and .key) were deleted. To reinstall your original TLS certificates you need to change both proxy configuration:

               NewsStand: [proxy installation root]\proxy\newsstandproxy\src\qlik.com\newsstandproxy\conf\app.conf Add the following settings:

               http.sslcert=.\src\qlik.com\ newsstandproxy\conf[certificate file name]  http.sslkey=.\src\qlik.com\ newsstandproxy\conf[certificate key]

               Web Console: [proxy installation root]\proxy\webconsoleproxy\src\qlik.com\webconsoleproxy\conf\app.conf Add the following settings:

               http.sslcert=.\src\qlik.com\webconsoleproxy\conf[certificate file name]

               http.sslkey=.\src\qlik.com\webconsoleproxy\conf[certificate key] Qlik NPrinting June 2017 implements permanent configuration files.

              The files are stored on folders:

               %ProgramData%\NPrinting\newsstandproxy

               %ProgramData%\NPrinting\webconsoleproxy

              These paths are relative to the proxy conf folders. Qlik® NPrinting June 2017 release notes | 7 The upgrading process keeps these files and their content. Configuration files are removed only by