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    How to: Installation of SSL certificate into NPrinting June 2017

    Lachlan Wells

      Hi everyone,


      I've been struggling away trying to get a CA-generated SSL certificate installed in my NPrinting server. The instructions didn't make much sense to me provided on the Qlik website so I have rewritten and attached to this post to make it easier for some who don't have experience with SSL generation and installation.


      The following steps helped me:

      • Generate the OpenSSL command for a wildcard certificate
      • Generate the CSR and private key for my domain to submit to my certificate authority
      • Submit the CSR to my certificate authority Namecheap for an EssentialSSL wildcard certificate provided by Comodo
      • Download the certificate and intermediary CRT files and combine into a single PEM file
      • Copy the private key and generated PEM file into the appropriate NPrinting directories !


      Happy to help anyway I can



      Lachlan W