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    Trying to make a simple X-Y Scatter graph like Excel

    Tom Porchess

      It's behaving in really strange ways.

      Grade can be A, B


      every time an event occurs it is graded and saved with the date and the grade e.g.


            Day | Grade

              1 . |     A

              1 . |     A

              1 . | .   B

              2 . | .   B

      I tried to make a bubble scatter to show


      X - Day

      Y - Grade category e.g. A, B etc




      - Day 1, One big bubble on A
      - Day 1 One little bubble on B
      - Day 2 One little bubble on B

      Bubble does nothing LIKE what I expect... not even remotely, I cant even get it to show anything without saying unexpected data

      Alternatively just show General X-Y scatter with


      X - Day

      Y - Grade A,B etc


      And little crosses to represent an item



      I can get nothing approaching this with the Dimension,Measure,Measure that is offered, I'm really not sure what's expected or if I'm using the correct component at all...


      I've read the PDF on the community site for scatter but it leaves me even more confused