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    Weighted Scores Help

    Gareth Lloyd

      Good morning folks,


      I am trying to create a weighted score based on the attached.


      Scores 1 and 3 should make 20% each of the overall, with Score 2 making up 60% of the overall. On the attached I just have a simple average sitting in the overall column but that clearly works on the proviso that scores 1-3 are all weighted equally.


      I have tried altering my overall expression to include the multiplying of scores 1 and 3 by 0.2 and score 2  by 0.6 but it wasn't working.


      Can anyone help me work out what I need to do to get the desired result?


      Many thanks


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          Jose Miguel Vilaplana



          Probably you QV is reading the values as text, then is not possible to multiply. Try to read it as a number.


          You can use the num# function: Num# ‒ QlikView



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            Gareth Lloyd

            Hi all,

            I managed to get half way there with is using the below expression:


            ((Overall PO Score % *0.2)


            (Overall Invoicing Score % *0.6)


            (Overall Pay Score% *0.2))


            This for the large part works, until one or more of the above scores is populated with a "-" due to not having any corresponding data. Any ideas on how I can amend my expression to mitigate the "-"?


            I was thinking of replacing the "-" with either 100 or  0, but it's going to bump up or down their weighted score which would then be inaccurate.


            Many thanks,