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    Ratio in Account Balance

    isabela Cinca



      i am new using QlikSense and I have a problem in calculating a ratio.

      I need to calculate the ratio by dividing each voice of Account Balance By revenue that in this case is highlighted in yellow.

      So i need to do : -16-487.675,09/ 30.833.658,42 or -2.125.011,63/30.833.658,42 end so on.

      Now my measure is like this but i can't fix the voce of revenue as denominator:

      num( (sum (if ( [Anno Fiscale] = $(vAnnoFiscale),[Valore]))


      (sum (if ([Voce Conto Economico]= 'A' and [Anno Fiscale] = $(vAnnoFiscale),[Valore])))),



      Where [Voce Conto Economico] is the voce of the account Balance and 'A' is the Revenue.



      Thank you,