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    multiple where clause in expression

    muhammad fahad

      hi gurs!!

      1) I am taking to_date from user through calendar and storing in variable V_todate

      2) I have invoice id that send to customer against which customer made payments. (Invoice_id,invoice_date)

      3) payments are made through vouchers. (voucher_id, voucher_date)

      i am showing the sum of customer payments made against invoice through expression




      this working fine for me shows all the receivce amount against voucher received before to_date.

      in some scenario customer pay in advance so voucher date become less then invoice date.

      so i wana skip such invoice where voucher date are smaller then invoice date in the above expression.

      i am trying



      giving error......

      plz help how to incorporate two checks voucher_date < invoice_date and voucher date<=v_todate