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    QS June 2017 - QlikLoggingService, QLogs, pgAdmin4 and Failover

    Riccardo Zenere

      Hi everyone,


      we installed QS June 2017, and I have some questions about the new version.

      I've seen that there is a Window's service which is set to be manually started: QlikLoggingService.

      What is it supposed to be used for?


      I've seen that the new Log Monitor uses a connection to a DB called QLogs, but I'm not sure about how it is populated.

      Is this something related to QlikLoggingService?

      Can we know the password used by the user qlogs_reader (which is the one defined in the connection)?


      With a clean install pgAdmin is not installed. On Support's portal I've seen that there is a blog about installing and configuring pgAdmin 4 ('Installing and Configuring pgAdmin 4') that at this time can't be open.

      I am not really familiar with it. Do you know if there is any specific configuration that needs to be done?

      The article is now available, and pgAdmin doesn't need any configuration at all.


      Last question: the failover switch can be applied to a single service (i.e. the scheduler service)?


      Many thanks,