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    Question around Configuration of a Three Machines Deployment

    Luciano Dall'Antonia

      Hi community, I am currently facing a challenge on a three machines enterprise deployment. Here are my requirements:


      - Production Consumer node that server the certified production apps for the users.

      - The Consumer node should not execute any reloads. The production applications should be reloaded in the Developer / Reload Node.

      - we need to have some streams to use for published applications with Self Serve capabilities.

      Those applications should be served by the Developer / Reload node not to affect the performance of the Production applications on the Production Consumer Node.

      - the user experience should be seamless. Only one Hub, nu multiple virtual proxies.


      I am testing right now a three machines deployment:

      Machine 1: Central Node

      Machine 2: Developer / Reload Node

      Machine 3: Production Consumer Node


      I was able to set up the Central Node as main proxy and attach the Machine 2 and 3 Engines.

      Also, I configured the Schedulers on Machine 1 (Master) and Machine 2 (Slave) so the reloads are executed only on Machine 2. No Scheduler on Machine 3 because the machine  should not reload any app.

      Also, I used custom variables to define which node should serve the applications by setting up two new Load balancing rule: if the stream has a specific custom variable or the application is not published then use Node 2 (Development and Self Serve Streams), otherwise use Node 3 (Certified Production Applications). I also disabled the standard load balancing rule: ResourcesOnNonCentralNodes)


      With this configuration we were able to control which node serves the applications.

      However the problem comes when a Production Application has to be reloaded. The QMC returns an error : "No slave scheduler found"


      One thing that seems tricky is to tell Sense to serve a production application using Machine 3 but reload it using Machine 2.


      Anybody has any ideas how to achieve this? is this even possible?