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    how to hide sheets according to the kind of user

    Jaime Arroyo

      Good morning, i want to know how could i hide sheets according to the kind of user.


      I have this users:


      Section Access;

      LOAD * INLINE [


          admin, jarroyo, 101910

          user, egomez,

          user, cquiroz,

          user, rdelcampo,

          user, jbecerra,

          user, jtorres

          user, apanes

          user, rgarcia

          user, invitado

          user, jlopez

          user, pmuirhead


      Section Application;


      I have created an variable to input the conditional, but It doesn work.


      I just want to show the "resumen" sheet only for this users.


      =vUsuario='jarroyo' or 'rdelcampo' or 'pmuirhead'