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    Struggling to bootstrap my mashup with a webpack module

    Alyssa Brouse

      I'm migrating my traditional requireJS Angular 1.x mashup to webpack, and struggling to bootstrap it to my module & qlik-angular after qlik has been loaded...


      var app = 'app';
      module.exports = app;
      var baseUrl = 'https://myhub:443/resources';
      window.require.config({baseUrl: baseUrl});
      window.require(['js/qlik'], function (qlik) {
        qlik.setOnError(function (error) {
          console.log('Qlik Instance error: [' + error.code + '] ' + error.message);
        // globalQlikInstance = qlik;
        var routesConfig = require('./routes');
        var hello = require('./app/hello');
        .module(app, ['ui.router'])
        .component('app', hello);
        angular.bootstrap(document, ['app', 'qlik-angular']);
      }, function (err) {
        console.log('Error loading qlik resources.' + err);


      I receive an error: App already bootstrapped with this element 'document'


      Am I doing something horribly wrong here? I am admittedly new to webpack.