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    YTD calculation for trend line

    Joshua Palani

      Hello All,


      I need to do a YTD count for a trend line on a combo chart. The count basically should be like a summation of the values populated by the bars and this should be done in a YTD format.


      For instance, if June has a count of 1, the line chart should reflect that count and should remain consistent until it finds another count. As you can see, in the month of Jan there is another value of 1 present, so the line chart should add this value to the previous value and show 2 for the month of Jan and continue the same calculation going forward.


      As it is a YTD count/accumulation, it should refresh the count at the beginning of every new year, so for instance from Jan 2017, it should start from 0 or whatever the value holds for Jan and then accumulate for the rest of the months.


      Any suggestions as to how to go about this using set analysis or any other option?