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    Siddharth Sheshadri

      Hello all,


      I need some assistance in helping me with the below problem. Please note that I am using Qlik Sense


      I have a set of 100 customers which have been divided into focus 3 & focus 5. Let me give an example:


      Focus 3 Customers: Lenovo, Dell, HP.

      Focus 5 Customers: Above 3 customers + Acer + Motorola.


      I have created a dimension which is an If loop. Something like this.


      IF(Customer='Lenovo' OR Customer = 'Dell' OR Customer = 'HP', 'Focus 3', IF(Customer = 'Acer' OR Customer = 'Motorola', 'Focus 5','No Focus'))


      This is as a filter field.

      Now if a user clicks on focus 5, how can I filter the focus 3 and the remaining too?


      Thanks in advance.