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    Qlik NPrinting report tasks very slow

    Russell Glenn

      Hi All,


      We are having trouble with how long it takes NPrinting to generate a pretty small report. we only have one task going on at a time with ~80 PowerPoint slides and it usually never sends a report to the newsstand or email (we have tried one or the other). We are running Qlik NPrinting on it's own server so what may be the problem?


      Just wanted to start a discussion around this campfire this morning.


      Happy Tuesday.



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          Ruggero Piccoli

          Report generation time depends on a lot of factors, so it is very difficult to find what could be the problem in you specific case with so few information. At least remember to always specify the version of the software you are using when you ask a question in the community. Thanks.


          As first step check the hardware resources of the computer where Qlik NPrinting Engine runs. The QlikView (if you are connecting to a QlikView document) desktop installed there must have enought resources to manage the source document.


          Another idea: check the source document and the time that is necessary to open it and to apply a filter in the NPrinting Engine. For example, saving the .qvw with all charts minimized will decrease the opening time. Where possible move calculated fields from charts to the script because every time you apply a filter they are all recalculated so you have to wait.


          From the template point of view, generation time depends a lot, for example, from the number of Levels and Pages that you are using. Every value in the level or in the page is a filter so you have to wait for the filter calculation.


          These are some ideas, some starting points to analyze and improve performances. Refer also to the page Performance ‒ Qlik NPrinting.

          There are also past conversations in the community about this topic.



          Best Regards,



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