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    Create new folder 'Data' in QDF structure

    jose sobrinho

      Hi team,

      Could you please, help me?

      I would like to create a new folder called Data to store excel, csv files, how can I do this?

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          Magnus Berg

          Hi Jose, the container folders are "somewhat" fixed, you can modify the mappings between the global variables and folders but the problem is that mapping table (that exists in 1.init.qvs) will reset after every upgrade, as 1.Init.qvs is a "core" script. Recommendation is to use the Import or Export folders instead. If there is a demand of a data folder we could add that mapping in into the 1.Init.qvs source. The mapping only applies when a Data folder exits so there is no legacy issues to consider.

          Best regards


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            Luciano Dall'Antonia

            Hi Jose, are you sure you need a Data Folder?

            The QDF gives you already a couple of options for excel, csv files


            5.Config - In case they are configuration files / metadata

            8.Import - in case they are data files (eg generated form other systems)

            (3.Include\1.BaseVariable - in case of Variable files)


            If you organize them in subfolders they can be maintained / updated by other users / systems