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    NPrinting email distribution based on clients a manager is associated with

    Steve Lord

      Hi, A colleague had a task to go through numerous folders and email files to various managers if they had files for that particular client that week.  He wanted to know if I could make nprinting distribute the files for him.  I've setup a qvw to pull the files in, and it pulls in another file listing the recipients.  I wanted to have NPrinting reload the qvw then cycle through the client names and send a file to the recipient associated with that client if data was present for that client.  Can someone talk me through it here?  It's not quite intuitive, the wizard thinks I have duplicates (each manager is responsible for multiple clients but will want their client files separate), and not sure the tutorial fits what I'm trying to do.


      I just have two tables in the qvw, one for the list of user records to be sent to the manager, and one for the manager/recipient list.  The tables connect simply on the key field of ClientName. (I could even go ahead and just make it one table if that'd help.)


      Data table I have is like this:

      ClientName LastName FirstName DOB ID


      Recipient table I have is like this:

      ClientName Manager EmailAddress


      I just want nprinting to cycle through the client names and email the data table to whichever manager has that client.  It doesn't really need to save anything anywhere since files are saved on the network drive already, but feel free to tack on how to do that too.  There are some reasons we can't just mass-mail the managers to come get their files from the network drive, but I think I'd like to learn this nprinting way even if I didn't need it for this particular colleague.  Thanks!


      PS> I know how to make tasks for each client/manager combo and pile them under a single job to run if I must, but I like the idea of one super task using an imported recipient list.  People who aren't me can then maintain that recipient list, nprinting can reload the qvw that pulls it in, and redirect its reports to whoever the recipients are for those clients, or even bring in new clients to cycle through. Thanks again!