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    Load Excel tab name as a field

    John Smith

      I have an excel workbook with about 80 spreadsheets in it; each spreadsheet contains data for a specific date and is named for the date on which the data is gathered. Thus the sheet containing data for 01 January 2017 will be named '01-Jan-2017'. The structure of the data in each sheet is identical and does not include the date; thus the data in the sheet named '01-Jan-2017' does not include that date


      So far so good.


      I now need to load all of the data resident in all of the 80 spreadsheets and in order to differentiate the data by date I need to load the name of each sheet as an additional field within the data and I don't want to have to write 80 load scripts to make this happen.


      Can anyone suggest a (relatively) easy way of doing this.