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    Custom messages on hover

    Jorge Sanchez

      I've searched among the community but I have not found anything like this, although I in my opinion, it should be a basic feature.


      My concern is about showing custom messages when hovering over a chart.

      For example:


      When hovering bar LT5, I would like to see a message showing the complete name of LT5, wich is in another field LT_name

      LT1Barn fulfillment
      LT5Main house building
      LT8Access road completion

      So when hovering over LT5 I wanna see "Main house building" in a bubble or something.


      So my question is if someone knows if:

      • This is a current development
      • This is a future development
      • This could be achieved by extensions (and which ones)
      • This is impossible to do


      Thank you in advance!