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    Accessing R Integrated apps in Cloud

    Harish Santhanagopalan



      Using the Installing R with Qlik Sense.pdf file, I have understood the concept of implementing Clustering and Time Series Analysis in Qlik Sense using R.

      I have searched the community regarding a few questions but couldn't find any relevant answers -


      1. An R script is able to return only a vector, Is it possible to return the entire data frame/object instead of just a vector?
      2. I am not able to create a dimension using an R Script. For e.g., using the IRIS data(example as shown in the document) to form clusters, I am able to color the data points in the scatter plot using the "color by expression" option. If I use the same R script while creating a dimension, I am getting an error saying more cluster centers than data points. I understand that when I try to do that, the R script is trying to calculate the clusters for each row. The same issue does not show up while calculating the clusters as a measure. Is it possible to create a dimension using an R Script?
      3. I'm not able to view a chart with an R script inbuilt, in Cloud as RServe and SSEtoRserve plugins are not running. Is there a way to access an app with R integration in Sense Cloud?


      Does anyone have any idea on how to integrate R to Qlik Sense Cloud?


      Thanks in advance!