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    Macro powered reports in NPrinting June 17

    Alexandru Caprarescu

      Dear Qlik Community,


      I am trying to generate an Excel report that makes use of a simple macro that, on open, selects an image and brings it to the front. The Macro works fine in Preview mode, although it has to be run manually. Trouble is, there is no option, when creating the task for this to generate an .xlsm format Excel document.


      If my understanding is correct NPrinting did support Macro enabled documents in past editions (1.16.x) I just don't know if this feature was removed intentionally or if the implementation was slightly different and I'm missing a bit of crucial information.


      On the current version is there any way of running macros in reports?




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          Ruggero Piccoli



          Qlik NPrinting 16.* can copy the code of an Office macro from the report template to the gnerated reports. Qlik NPrinting 16.* never executes the macro code, but you can give to the recipient the "illusion" that it was executed by trigger it on report open.


          Qlik NPrinting 17.* has not yet this feature, so the macro code is not present in the reports generated by a task. At the moment I don't know when the feature will be added.


          Best Regards,



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              Alexandru Caprarescu

              Hi Ruggero,


              Thank you for the prompt reply, are there any ways to work around this? The issue stems from my not being able to persist an image on the top level of the report.

              The report itself consists of a map visualization and a .png image with transparent background. The png needs to stay on top of the map to act as a "background" due to NPrinting's inability to load the default map backgrounds.