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    Controlling dimension using variable

    Faris Ahamad M



      Is there any method by which i can filter a dimension based on another variable?


      For eg:


      I have a variable which comes out as the output of an filter extension(single value selector button Qlik Branch  ). say vFilter


      I have 3 options in this filter.. which i Manually entered in the extension : A,B and C.


      I have a dimension 'Dim' to be filtered which has the values D,E and F.


      I want a logic like this:

      If vFilter='A' --> Dim should be filtered to just 'D'

      If vFilter='B' --> Dim should be filtered to just 'E'

      If vFilter='C' --> Dim should be filtered to just 'F'

      NB : Right now I am using another filter extension which directly used the dimension to filter.But i want to implement this in an extension which used variable.

      Thanks in advance