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    NPrinting 17 - how to import filters with fields using different connections

    Bruno Miranda

      Hi everybody,


      We are using NPrinting 17.2.3, and we are trying to import users and filters, based on the example spreadsheet provided by Qlik.

      I can only create filters with values based on one connection per filter. However we have apps using more than one connection, and we wish to keep it simple and have an unique user filter per app.

      I am attaching an import spreadsheet that works with the filter named 'User1 filter' created with the field [Field 1] from the connection 'Connection1' filtered on the value 'Value 1'. How can I add to the same 'User1 filter' a filter on the field [Field 2] with the value 'Value 2' from the connection 'Connection2' ?

      Thank you.