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    Color a Dimension if it matches two parameters (if match AND)

    Christian Schmitz

      I am trying to color a dimension green if the value in this dimension is  accuring two times in another dimension.


      Dim1: Validity, Dim2: Named Account


      Validity, Named Account

      ST, Loreal

      MT, Loreal

      MT, Cisco,

      LT, Stabilo


      I would like to color the Dim Named Account green if one account has the Validity ST AND MT.


      I tried it with entering the Dimension and fill following formula in the "Text Color" Area of the Dimension "Named Account".


      if(match(Validity,'ST') and match(Validity,'MT'),green())


      Unfortunately this is not working, if just one first parameter if(match(Validity,'ST'), green()) it is working.



      Does anybody know how to achieve this?


      I have added a sample app, the single Account is now green due to the parameter match(Validity,'ST'), the question is how to do with an and-condition?