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    Using themes or QVT-files

    Court van de Lisdonk



      I created a concept document. And then I created a QVT using document properties / layout / theme maker


      Settings :

      Source = Document

      Property groups = object type specific

      Object type specific = all chosen

      Set default for new documents


      When I watch in the new folder Themes, where I want to save QVT-files I have a new QVT, called TechConcept-Document: so far so good


      When I create / open a new Qlikview Document I got a sheet Main.

      Going to document properties / layout / I have an option Apply Theme.

      Clicking this option I choose the new QVT called TechConcept-Document, nothing happens. A reload doesn’t change that. Using the Apply theme option in the Sheet properties has the same result.

      When I watch the User settings in the tab Design, the default theme is the QVT file TechConcept-Document I applied.

      So the apply worked, I’m new working with themes but I would have expected that the sheets of my concept and the script behind my concept were be loaded and that I could see the objects.

      In the future I want to use different QVT-files for different Qlikview Documents. Or a special sheet in different documents.

      I have added my QVT, my Concept.qvw, a Screenshot of the User Settings and a new testdocument 

      Hope someone can help me or telling me what I have to do to get my total concept in the new Qlikview Application, with the result that the concept objects and script are in the new document.

      Thanks in advance