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    QlikSense: Is there an alternative for execute?

    Fabian Lepie

      I migrate some qvw to qliksense. In QV i use following script to update old qvd files to new one:

      STORE $(table) into [$(filename)_tmp.qvd];

      IF ScriptErrorCount = 0 then

        // If there is no error, delete old qvd file and rename temp.qvd to normal filename.

        EXECUTE cmd.exe /C DEL /F [$(filename).qvd];

        EXECUTE cmd.exe /C MOVE /Y [$(filename)_tmp.qvd] [$(filename).qvd];

      END If


      Becaues we get some Trouble with our filesystem in the past, we introduce this to store at first a tmp.qvd file and then delete the old one and replace it with the new one. So far, so good.


      But in QlikSense i got the error

      EXECUTE statement not available in this script mode


      I understand that i can solve the Problem when changing Settings ini to OverrideScriptSecurity and enabled legacy mode. But this solution comes with many other negativ aspects. So i dont want to change Settings.ini and dont want to enable legacy mode.


      So i want to know if there is an alternative to rename/ replace a qvd file within QlikSense Script?


      My System:

      Windows Server 2016

      Qlik Sense June 2017


      Thanks in advance!