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    Time format

    Burhan Göker



      The format of the time in the files I load is not how I want it to be and I need to change it.


      This is the format of the files:


      - After I add "Time(Time#...." some rows is correct, but some are not. Ex. Orig time 74752 (07:47:52) --> 03:15:02

      - I guess that when the time is not equal to "hhmmss" it becomes an issue.

      - How can I add in the script that some rows in the file are in this format "hmmss" and should be presented as "hh:mm:ss"?


      * And another question is regarding the field "Completed time". This is in another format where ex. 15.15 = 15:09  (60*0,15=9)

      - I want it to be presented as the previous example "hh:mm:ss"





      Thanks in advance!