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    How to count unique time values

    Osman Kamal

      Hi guys,


      I'm fairly new to Qlik Sense.  I'm trying to determine unique time counts.  I have freight bills that either have one time of delivery, multiple times of delivery or no time of delivery.


      I want to count unique times of delivery for each freight bill.


      The fields would be as follows:


      BILL_NUMBER (which is the freight bill)


      COMPLETED TIME( which is the delivery time)


      Eg. if the freight bill 123 has a delivery time of 1:00:00 and another delivery time of 2:00:00, it only calculates it as 1 timestamp and not 2.  Also, if there is no delivery time, then it counts it as 0.


      What expression can I write so that each freight bill only counts the first time of delivery and then sums up all the unique times for all the freight bills?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!