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    ReloadEngine Issues

    Robert Ong

      I'm experiencing issues with the ReloadEngine constantly going up and down.


      Every so often, I would get the orange ticker at the top of QMC saying "ReloadEngine@[ServerName] is down" and I won't be able to reload any documents.  It would then disappear after about a minute or so and everything works normally.


      One thing I noticed was that the server name being shown is incorrect.  The ticket shows reloadengine@servernamep01 instead of servername.  In the past, we had this server named servernamep01 but it was changed when we pushed it to production.  Could this be the issue and if so, how do I correct the server the reload engine is pointing to?


      We do not have a publisher license.

      Running QlikView 12 RS 5 on a virtual server running Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter. 

      64bit OS and 64gb RAM.