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    Filter based Caluculation-Qlik Sense

    Saima SM


      I have a table having “Team Member”  , “Team Member Profession”  ,” No.Booked” , “No.Available” fields


      I have filters “Team Member filter”, “Profession filter”


      When I select one Team Member from filter , I can get “UTILIZATION” kpi figure with following formula




      And when I filter Team Member, its associated “Professions remain active in “Profession Filter” while all other gets disable(Greyed). When I select that Profession from filter pan,  I  get another KPI figure for profession utilization with following formula.


      SUM({<[Team Member]=>}[No.Booked]) / SUM({<[Team Member]=>}[No.Available])




      But my requirement is that when I select Team Member it should give me the Profession utilization figure without explicitly selecting filtered out “Profession” based on Team Member Selected. How can I change my profession utilization formula to achieve this.


      Please Help. Thanks