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    Upgrade from v3.0 to June 2017 - do i have to manually upgrade pgSQL 9.3 to pgSQL 9.6 or will the installation do this?

    Louise Rossney

      Hi all,


      I am about to embark on step 12 - 'uninstall QlikSense' of the process for 'upgrading from versions prior to 3.1 to June 2017'.


      Do I have to manually upgrade the windows server from postgreSQL 9.3 to postgreSQL 9.6 prior to uninstalling the old Qlik Sense version or will the installation do this for me automatically?


      If I do have to do this postgreSQL upgrade manually, prior to removing the old version and installing the new one, does anyone have a procedure that has worked for them and resulted in a successful installation?


      Any thoughts most appreciated,