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    Workaround Nprinting 17.3 with Qlikview version 11.20 SR12

    lux kim

      We have NPrinting 17.3 in a server and Qlikview version 11.20 SR12 in a separate server.


      NPrinting Connection error while creating connection between Nprinting 17.3 and Qlikview 11.20 SR12 as NPrinting 17.3 works with Qlikview 11.20 SR15 or higher.

      Tried below below work around but failed.


      • Installed Qlikview Desktop 12.10 SR1 in Nprinting server
      • Leased License from the Qlikview Server
      • Opened application that built on 11.20SR12 with no issues.
      • Create Nptrinting Connection Failed for the application built in 11.20.


      When I create connection using local Qlikview application in Nprinting , throws error

      Nprinting Console error "Error Unexpected: layout file was not exported."

      nprinting_engine logs error:

      "Qlik.NPrinting.Engine Qlik.NPrinting.Engine.Consumer.BlockingContentResolver 20170728T095522.543-04:00 WARN WATQLIK01 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Forced to close a resolver for connection navigator=qlikview;documentpath="C:\Qlikview Source Documents\Dashboard11.20SR12.qvw". in nprinting_engine logs.

      I can create a connection using Movies Database12.10SR1.qvw.


      Dashboard11.20SR12.qvw in 11.20 SR12

      Movies Database12.10SR1.qvw in 12.10SR1.

      1. Please let me know how to resolve this Nprinting connection error issue without upgrading Qlikview (as Qlikview admin team not ready to upgrade) or any work around.

      2. Please share your experience or issues faced on upgrading Qlikview from 11.20 to 12.10 and recommendation on the safest Qlikview version > 11.20SR12 to upgrade. So that I can convince Qlikview Team to upgrade.