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    Mashup - Display the value of a Master Measure

    Travis LaMont

      I'm hoping this is fairly straight forward, but I'm HTML and Java illiterate, so I'm running into more issues than I would have hoped.  I have a master measure within my Qlik Sense application called 'TtlSales': (=Sum(All Sales)).  I have created a hypercube within my mashup to pull in the master measure, but I'm not sure how to display the result of the measure in the html script.  It's not a table or matrix, just a single value that I'd like to incorporate into a header line.  So in essence, I would like to create something like this:


      Html script:

      <h1> Total Sales: 'TtlSales' </h1> 

      Desired Result:

      Total Sales: 1,000


      I'm sure I need to address something in the callback and then refer to the function in the html, but I'm not exactly sure how to script that.


      My callback function is simply:


      function TtlSales(reply, app){}


      Any help on what I would need to do to the callback function and/or the html script to get this to display would be greatly appreciated.