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    convert qvw data model to qliksense

    Malaika S



      I have converted qvw 3rd layer to qliksense HUB where I see all the objects. However I try to open the app it gives an error 'App contains no data'. I have a binary load in qvw and trying to do the same in qliksense as well.


      Couple of questions. :


      1. Where should the qvw exists for qliksense to find the correct path?

      2. Since I do not have access to qliksense folder, is it still possible to do binary load with any of following scripts:



      Binary lib://MyData/customer.qvw;


      Binary customer.qvw;


      Binary c:\qv\customer.qvw;



      If yes, which script should I be using.  Tried all above script but it doesn't work because it is unable to find specified path of qvw.


      Any help will be appreciated.