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    Qlik Sense Maps - North and South Korea missing

    Richard Bartley

      Hello all,


      Does anyone have any idea how to get North and South Korea to appear using the standard Qlik Sense maps?  I have tried country names "Korea, South", "Korea, North", "Korea, Republic of (South Korea)" and "North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea)" (the latter two I believe are the official versions) and ISO Codes (KR and KP, again official ISO codes), but they never seems to show up, even when I use colour by dimension to check that the issue is not my color by expression?


      Could it be something to do with the comma  in the name that is not escaped when parsed the Geo engine in Qlik Sense?  I notice that I am also having issues with Iran (officially Iran, Islamic Republic of).  If so, what is the solution?


      Thanks in advance.





      Missing Korea.PNG



      Korea Google Maps.PNG



      Ah, it seems that they're just plain old "North Korea" and "South Korea".