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    Large tables and variables

    Max Initov



      I'm conpletely new to Qlik and learning Qlik Sense Desktop atm for a project and have a few questions:

      1) As far as I can tell there is no good way to display large tables (15-20+ columns) in a straight table? The option to swap columns in and out seems clunky and uncomfortable. A horizontal scroll would be awesome!

      2) What would be a good way to display detailed data: let's say I have some kind of list of contracts and besides quantity \ sums I need to display some properties of each one (not all of them numeric) ?

      3) Is there a way to pass user input into a sql stored procedure? For example: passing the year which you want to look at. Or is it done by creating different apps for different ranges of data?


      p.s.: atm working exclusively in the desktop app, if the clients likes what we can do with it then we'll be buying etc.

      p.p.s: thanks in advance!