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    Tab Buttons Qlik Sense Extension

    Brett Farley

      Hi All,


      I recently created this tab / sub-tab Qlik Sense extension to improve navigation between sheets. Sub tab grouping helps organise sheets when there are a lot of them.


      In the screenshot example:

      • Sheet 1 is Group A and Active
      • Sheet 2 is Group A and Active
      • Sheet 3 is Group B and Active
      • Sheet 4 is Group B and Inactive
      • Sheet 5 is Group B and Disabled
      • Sheet 6 is Group B and Active


      Each sheet (sub tab) has a label and is assigned a grouping (top tabs). Colour schemes can be defined within the extension. I recommend setting the extension as a master item and re-using across your app.


      Please feel free to contribute to the project on Qlik Branch. The code is simple to follow and could be used as a good introduction to building extensions.