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    One big QVD is greater than itself splitted in some parts.  WHY ?

    Michele De Nardi

      Hi expert,

      I'm extracting sap LIPS table which have 12 millions of records(more or less) with 285 columns (i really don't need all these columns but for the first time i want to perform a full extraction).


      The total size of LIPS.qvd is 2.134.626Kb (2.03Gb) but if split this qvd into some part (in my case i've splitted into12 parts, each with 1 million of record, more or less) the total size of these 12 parts is 1.726.435Kb (1.64Gb), 400Mb less then the source qvd, so my answer is:


      Why the size of one big qvd is greater than the total size of the same qvd splitted in some parts ?

      The number of record and column are the same in both results.