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    Converting a table with dynamic columns into static columns

    Gregor Grünling



      i  hope i'm in the right Forum.


      I have a problem with two tables which contains dynamic columns in just one field.


      The table (Columns.csv) has the column headers for each value in the field "Columns".

      The table (Values.csv) has the values for each column in the field "Values".

      These two tables are connected by the "Columns_ID" field.

      The fields "Columns" and "Values" Data are separated by a blank.


      My problem:


      For each column in the field "Columns" from (Columns.csv) I'd like to have the data from the field "Values" (from Values.csv).


      I found a lot of possible ways, all being extremely slow, because the original tables in our OracleDB have million of rows.


      Thanks a lot for your answers!