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    Screen Resolution issues with Background Image

    Phalgun Parvathaneni

      I have developed a dashboard in my default laptop screen resolution(1366X768). I have also used this extension to place a png background image in my app:

      Qlik Branch


      Now the app looks absolutely fine on screens that match my laptop's default resolution(1366X768) as below:

      Image 1:


      Image 2:


      Now the same app in a different resolution behaves very weird. The orientations are all going crazy. Below are the screen shots of the same images as above opened on a screen with different resolution:

      Image 1:


      Image 2:



      I thought Qlik Sense is supposed to be responsive in nature and automatically adjusts to the screen resolution the app is running on. Is this because of the background image extension? Is there anyway to make this responsive while retaining the background image as it gives the app a nice feel? TIA!