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    Exclude field selections of a Master Dimension affecting certain charts

    Glen Paxman

      I have a Master Dimension called 'Category' which is made up of several columns of data. This is then used as a filter to select each category BUT there are some charts (KPI Charts) that should not be filtered by this selection. What I want to know is, How can I exclude these selections from my KPI Chart in my expression but keep all of the data?



      Data has columns for Small, Medium and Large with a 1 or a 0 to indicate whether or not it belongs to that category.

      Category Master Item has the following formula: =IF(Small= 1,'Small', IF(Medium = 1,'Medium',IF(Large = 1,'Large')))

      When added to the Filter pane Category displays the options to select 'Small', 'Medium', 'Large'

      I cannot reference the 'Category' Master Item in an expression so how do I omit these selections (but still include ALL data) from these fields?