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    Using pivot table partial totals to create a graph

    Barbara Cleary

      Hi everyone,


      Is there a way to store the "show partial sum" value from a pivot table? I want to use these values to create a graph, but have been unable to find any discussions on the matter. I don't see another way to dynamically create the sum of each column in my pivot table, so please let me know if there's a way.


      Thanks in advance for your help.



      Barbara Cleary


      Additional details on the project I'm working on if need be:

      • I created a pivot table which calculates the affect of price/volume/mix in my department's margin. Dimension is each customer.
      • I have "show partial sum" selected in order to sum the affects of price/volume/mix for all customers.
      • I'm looking to create a waterfall graph to "walk" from margin in one month to margin in the second month.
      • This would show the dollar effect of volume, price, and mix as a whole for all customers combined