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    NPrinting API on selection not working

    Peter Sham

      I'm now to Qlik and NPrinting and I'm trying to use the NPrinting API as documented here (https://help.qlik.com/en-US/nprinting/June2017/APIs/NP%20API/) to create on demand report with filter and selection.  The following is my json for such request.


          "Type": "Report",

          "Config": {

              "ReportId": "9963fc8a-800c-4c64-bdcf-b5c42440f704",

              "OutputFormat": "Pdf",

              "Selections": [


                      "FieldName": "Country",

                      "SelectedCount": 3,

                      "SelectedValues": [

                          "Hong Kong",




                      "IsNumeric": false



              "ConnectionId": "062ca52c-169c-481b-942b-cb54e0f34a3c"


          "Filters": {

              "InitialBookmark": null,

              "AdditionalFilters": [






      I have double and triple checked the guid of the filter used, the connection guid to the Qlik sense app and the report guid via API calls on connection, filter and application.  But the report output keep showing no country selected.  Would anyone show some direction?  I'm lost as I thought I have figured out how to use the API and the parameters in this request makes sense.