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    SELECT * through ODBC connector (MariaDB) is very slow - how to optimise ?

    Kévin Se--



      I would like to select all rows from table (from a MariaDB database), and store them into a .qvd file.


      My script looks like this :


      ODBC CONNECT TO [MariaDB odbc];

      SQL SELECT * FROM `my_table`;


      STORE "MY TABLE" INTO C:\(...)\data.qvd;


      Unfortunately, this table contains more than 4 millions of rows. And selecting all of them with Qlikview is very slow.

      I let this query, SELECT *, running for more than 18 hours : it selected only 1,8 million of rows.


      Do you happen to know some ways to optimize the query ? Letting this script running for a week to select 4 millions of row is not a solution.



      Here are some technical informations :


      OS → Windows Server 2012 R2

      MariaDB → ver. 10.2.6, is localhost

      Qlikview → ver. 12.0.20200.0 SR3 64-bit Edition

      ODBC driver → tested with ver. 2.0.15 and 3.0.0 (alpha), but that's the same / 64_bit