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    How to create a Xpassword or Xuserid?

    Apolo Takeshi Batista

      My connection did not automatically hide my user and password

      so I got something like this:


      OLEDB CONNECT TO [Provider=name_server.DataSource.1;Persist Security Info=False;

      User ID=MY_USER_NAME;

      Data Source=brrio04;Protection Level=None;Extended Properties="";

      Initial Catalog=D103BE2F;Transport Product=Client Access;SSL=DEFAULT;Force Translate=65535;

      Default Collection=MY_USER_NAME;Convert Date Time To Char=TRUE;Catalog Library List="";Cursor Sensitivity=3;

      Use SQL Packages=False;SQL Package Library Name="";SQL Package Name="";Add statements to SQL package=True;

      Unusable SQL Package Action=1;Block Fetch=True;Data Compression=True;Sort Sequence=0;Sort Table="";Sort Language ID="";

      Query Options File Library="";Trace=0;Hex Parser Option=0;Maximum Decimal Precision=31;Maximum Decimal Scale=31;Minimum Divide Scale=0;

      Library List="";Naming Convention=0;Query Optimize Goal=0;Query Storage Limit=-1;Handle Numeric Data Errors=1;Keep Trailing Blanks=False;

      Application Name=QvConnect64.EXE;Decfloat Rounding Mode=0;Decfloat Error Option=0;Client User ID="";Client WorkStation Name="";Client Program ID="";

      Client Accounting="";Block Size=0; Password=MYPASSWORD];


      I did a little research and found out that there is a scrambler called Xpassword and Xuserid, but mine is not working in this OLEDB connection.


      I have marked down the Advanced Panel in which is written to encrypt my credentials.


      Can any one help me??