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    Interesting Company & Info. on Clinical Studies

    Garrett Tedeman

      Hi all,


      Recently, happened to see this talk from a company called Quanticate: (Quanticate | Clinical Research Organization | Data CRO) www.quanticate.com


      The talk was by one of their lead doctors where he was discussing some of the types of statistical analyses that they do to compare drugs vs. placebo, effectiveness of various therapies, and how having good, transparent data can help make all these kinds of decisions (Ben Goldacre discusses Clinical Data Transparency - YouTube) (~55 min.)


      So apparently, this is one of a whole category of such companies that are called "CRO's" (clinical research org's?), and of course function as outside specialist in data analysis for hospitals and so on. 


      Has anyone heard of this company or others in this field?  Seems like they might be able to really benefit from what Qlik can do.  Would appreciate any info.