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    Indirect Set Analysis challenge

    Buck Master

      I'm struggling with a set of KPI's in the App. I added a PDF file as an attachment to better explain what is happening.


      The PDF will show some KPI’s circled in Red with set analysis statements that use the set identifier = 1 to ignore current selections, but you will notice that the circled expression in blue changes when the user picks a year button or FYear filter. That effects the set analysis statement where the two calculations drive the SA. I require the output to not change upon selecting anything. If you select Quarter or Months it works correctly and doesn’t change the KPI’s. if you pick a  year button or FYear filter it effects the KPI circled in red. (NG) ☹


      I’m including some images to show before & after in the PDF file included…

      Any ideas, I’m including the App for your review. If you can make any corrections and send it back that would be really helpful to many & insightful to all.

      The button extension used = sense-FieldUI-master


      Thanks team