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    Cannot combine fields from two tables with date dimension

    Tobias Schenk



      the symptom is as follows:

      I have a table with the fields: A(calDate, Series, Cost) and made a line chart Sum(Cost) vs. calDate. I have several rows with the same calDate. All fine.

      Then I added table B (calDate, Series, earnings,<and others>). The dates are all of the format YYYY-MM-01.

      Now I wanted a line chart with two lines: cost and earnings over date and added the "earning" the same as "cost" before.

      I found that since I added B I have strange values like (47658) in my calDate list box and they also appear on the X-axis.

      Why can QlikView not match the dates?

      I see in the table structure that a synthetic key out of calDate/Series is generated. Has this something to do with it?

      How to get the expected behavior?


      Thank you for any help.