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    Newly added objects/variables are not shown in the object selection pop-up list in Nprinting 17 template editor

    Tushar Darekar

      Hi Community,

      I am facing this issue with Nprinting 17 in which I am trying to make report with connection to an existing QVW. I have added a new chart and variable to the QVW and was trying to add those to the ppt report template. But even though the QVW is saved and connection is reloaded with latest metadata, I am not able to see the chart ID and variable in the 'Add object' pop-up list in template editor. There is one more variable who's is 'June 2017' in the application but it's been shown as 'March 2017' in the Np@rinting report.

      Kindly help me to troubleshoot the issue.

      Thank you in advance!

      Tushar Darekar