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    Year in number format

    Akpofure Enughwure

      Good day everyone.


      I have a set of data like this

      StaffProgramme NameLocationYearCost
      Jhon LeeIICTForeign201245,000
      Paul BeckITILLocal201145,500
      Jhon LeeRedHatLocal201134,000



      I have designed a line chart using


      Staff, Year as the  drill down dimension and //num(count({<Location = {'Local'}>} DISTINCT [Programme Name]), '#,##0') and num(count({<Location = {'Foreign'}>} DISTINCT [Programme Name]), '#,##0') as measures


      When I drill down from staff to year.. the year is expressed as 2.011k, 2.012k. I don't know why?


      Please see attached file for visuals